HUNGRY is a purpose-driven company founded on the belief that companies and their employees deserve delicious meals that are affordable, healthy and delivered reliably and professionally, and chefs deserve greater economic opportunity, recognition and culinary freedom.


Our goal is to create a living map for your life. We are building the infrastructure of tomorrow by understanding the places we go today. With our network, the X-Mode platform gives us the power to innovate and the ability to solve real world ... Read more


U.Group provides you not only outstanding technology solutions, but also user friendly interfaces and integrated marketing strategies—so you can do your job better. Now when we deliver leading edge data science and software, we also bring PhDs, MBAs, and economists who understand the business, regulatory, and policy environments in which you operate. We don’t just solve technical challenges, we work together with you to achieve your strategic goals.

ByteCubed Labs

ByteCubed Labs gives athletes the advantage and fans the power to interact in new and extraordinary ways. We're changing the game by combining analytics and mixed reality technology in the ultimate experience platform that revolutionizes the way players and coaches train and enhances the interaction between fans and their favorite sports.